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Paving a way for the next generation by powering ours today.


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About Pure Energy

Get to know Pure Energys brand, the leading solar installer in San Antonio. Our company was founded in 2014 when our founders Justin Griffith noticed there was a gap between industry needs and what suppliers were offering to customers. Since then we have been growing, in both size and reputation, at an astonishing rate. In 2018 Pure Energy welcomed Rob Dickson and the Texas Sky Solar team in Lubbock Texas to the Pure family. This partnership paved the way for local expertise, service and support to the west Texas area! We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction, and we strive to provide the very best service to everyone we work with.

We’re in this for the long haul: we aim to be San Antonio’s Installer of choice – in fact, your only installer. We understand this requires more than just a few quality products and great pricing on our end. We know you also need the most professional, personal, informative and quickest service available. We know that the quality of our service affects your work, your reputation and the money you save, so we know we have to uphold the highest quality of standards to be the best. That’s what we offer you…the BEST. World class service, right here in San Antonio!

“Choosing to embrace solar power not only lights up our houses but lights up our future on earth.”

Jared Dow – Solar Advocate

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