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About Pure Energy

Pure Energy is the premier installer of premium quality PV solar systems, based in San Antonio, Texas. The company was founded in 2014 by Justin Griffith, who noticed a growing divide between the quality experience and products customers deserve and what existing suppliers were able to offer. Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially in both size and reputation. Today, Pure Energy is the leading installer of quality PV solar systems in San Antonio and has expanded its reach to include leading operations in several other markets around Texas. In 2018, Pure Energy proudly welcomed Rob Dickson and the Texas Sky Solar team in Lubbock Texas to the Pure family. This partnership brought a leading local Lubbock sales team, bringing an ideal combination of service and support to the west Texas area! Pure expanded in additional markets throughout Texas, including various new markets in late 2019, and continues to expand into surrounding states at a rapid pace.
For 2020, Pure is bringing its industry leading products and systems to Colorado, with an experienced business development team opening a new facility to house thousands of panels and a world class install team based in Colorado Springs.
In addition, Pure has opened a full-time sales and installation operation in Waco, Texas dedicated to bringing high-quality solar products to the great residents of Waco!
Pure Energy is fully committed to providing the best customer experience and has invested heavily in both support and customer care resources to ensure that our customers have a consistent, dependable experience for decades to come. Our commitment to our customers and partners does not end when your solar panels begin producing cost-efficient, clean energy. Pure’s experts are ready and trained to service and support your system when called upon.
We’ve built an organization that is ready for the long term commitment we make to each and every one of our customers, because you are now a part of our Pure family. Our goal is to be San Antonio’s (and Texas’) top installer in every facet of our operation. Every choice and investment we make is predicated on preparing for a long term commitment to the needs of our customers and partners.
Pure understands that this requires more than just quality products and great pricing. Our partners deserve the most professional, personal, informative and timely service available. That quality experience applied to every aspect of the process, so we are committed to upholding the highest quality standards in the industry. That’s what we offer you…the BEST. The best products, the best people, and world class service and support. Out organization is built for the long haul, built for you… and built right here in San Antonio! While we are proud of our roots, our passion and commitment extends in full to every branch of the Pure family tree as it expands throughout the USA!
Pure’s team looks forward to bringing an industry-best, high-quality experience to all of our partners. Experience a better way to bring clean, efficient energy to your home or property and reach out to your local Pure Energy rep today!


“Choosing to embrace solar power not only lights up our houses but lights up our future on earth.”
Jared Dow – Solar Advocate

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